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This is the mission statement of the West Central Florida Safety Alliance or "WCFSA". In order to further a safe and productive workplace the WCFSA will act in a coordinated advisory capacity to local small businesses. The Alliance's goal is to encourage adherence to safety principles, promote compliance, and communicate health and safety awareness to the business community.

Area businesses will have an opportunity to network with safety professionals from West Central Florida's Safety Alliance. Hopefully, this will better prepare you to effectively perform safety and health responsibilities within your work place and community. The WCFSA is not a regulatory agency nor is it a for-profit business. It is an alliance of area business people like yourself.

WCFSA continually strives to broaden its effectiveness by making information and referrals available. This emphasis will provide support to you in developing a comprehensive and effective environmental health and safety plan at your business in order to help eliminate unsafe conditions which can reduce injuries to your employees and eliminate fines for noncompliance.

All of us share a need for a safe work environment. Promoting training, education, and sound management practices will allow us to share the common vision of reducing insurance costs and expenses while minimizing the impact of hazardous situations by preventing injuries and saving lives.

We look forward to you becoming a member of WCFSA and being a part of the safety solution. If you're interested in joining the West Central Florida Safety Alliance please contact at:

WCFSA Upcoming Meeting Announcements

Cyber Security and the Human Factor

Cyber and internet security continues to have more teeth in our daily business operations. We will have a candid and entertaining conversation about current regulations around protecting private information, recent trends in hacking, IT tools to protect the business and the increasing importance of training your employees how to be on the lookout and wary.

Presenter: Michelle Hoffert, VP - Director of Information Technology

When: Friday, 04/20/2018

Time: 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Where: Lanier Upshaw, 1115 Bartow Road, Lakeland, FL 33802


April 27th, 2018

May 18th, 2018


June 15th, 2018

Hurricane Preparedness

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